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Wednesday, March 12th 2008

9:29 PM

Happy St. Patrick's Day !



One of my Happy Shamrock plants - Sat. March 3, 2007
Ready for St. Patrick's Day.


Dee: I wanted to pop in and say hello and wish you a fabulous rest of the week!
Fe: Hi Connie. Wish you a fun weekend.
Roselle: Hi ! Blog hopping Have a Happy Friday
melody: Hi Connie.. just popped in to say hello. Hope you're having a good day.
moni: Hello Connie, hope you are all better and that the snow stops. I really hate cold weather, but that is part of old age I think. Take care dear.
Dee: Just stopping by to wish you a warm & wonderful Wednesday! I hope you're feeling better and are well on the road to recovery. Take good care of yourself, my friend!
birdbits: Wow I am sorry I missed your party but glad you had a good one! Happy belated BIRTHDAY to you Connie!!!
Dee: Well flitter... I meant rest of the week!lol I'm still not 100% well, but then again, my typing never was that great. lol I apologize for the typo.
Dee: Hi Connie. I wanted to come by and let you know I'm better now.I hope you have a fabulous rest of the rest!
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Posted by Rayne:

This is beautiful plant. I didn't know the flowers could be so big and bright.
Wednesday, March 19th 2008 @ 11:16 AM

Posted by Rachel Henderson:

Connie forgive me for not visiting more often. I always enjoy coming here, and wish I could do so more often. A belated congrats on getting Bravenet Journal of the week! Awesome!. Your shamrock plant is gorgeous. Now I want to try growing one too LOL. Be blessed Connie and I will try to get by here more often! Be blessed Connie. :)
Monday, March 17th 2008 @ 10:54 AM

Posted by Dee:

Oops... I misunderstood.
I apologize for that.
The 2 birds with the rbwp are
a Chickadee & a Titmouse

Hope you have a great weekend!
Friday, March 14th 2008 @ 7:40 PM

Posted by Dee:

I love your shamrock plant. It's beautiful. I admire folks who can successfully grow healthy thriving plants.

The bird in my pictures is a red-bellied woodpecker. It's really hard to get a picture of one because they are so skittish. I have to take their pictures through a window in my utility room. I'm so glad the pictures turn out as well as they do. ;)

Happy St. Patty's Day to you!
May your day be filled with wishes & fun!
Friday, March 14th 2008 @ 2:18 PM

Posted by moni:

I love your Shamrock Plant. You certainly have a green thumb!
Thursday, March 13th 2008 @ 1:39 AM

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