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Saturday, January 19th 2008

4:28 PM

Sat. Jan 19, 2008


kmalone: Thanks for dropping by. Wow, how do you stay warm? It's 54 here now and I'm cold. I like snow but I don't know how I would do with it that cold. Be careful.
manilarose: Hello Connie. Must be freezing in Wisconsin. It's like an oven here in Australia. It's easy to remember anything about Australia, it's the reverse of USA. We drive the other side of the road, it's summer when it's your winter,it's daytime when it's night time for us Barbie for you is that most famous doll, our barbie is the grill we charcoal our meat. Yup, Australia has the only national edible coat of arms, it's the kangaroo.Cheers!!!
Missie: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We've been about to freeze too. We are watching the ballgame right now and it looks so incredibly cold up there! Do your best to stay warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings!
Foxx: It actually snowed here yesterday, the first significant snowfall since last year. We received less than half an inch though, and most of it has already melted today. The temperature is only 29F right now, with a low expected to be 13F tonight. We usually don't get that cold in this part of North Carolina. More wintry weather is possible here on Wednesday. Normally, snow is few and far between in central North Carolina.
Tess: TY for stopping by, keep warm, brrrrrrr! That's freezing cold!
Tami : Thanks again for the visit! Whoa, sounds a lot colder where you live than it is here! Take care and stay warm! )
moni: Hi Connie, thanks for the visits. It is cold here too, must be January! Hey, enjoy your weekend. Sorry, I don't know a thing about publishing.
Pheandy: I like your site...Good night!
Denise: Blog Hopping! Have a great day!
Vera: Hi Connie! thanks for swingin' by, and more importantly, thank you for the encouragement
TomGu: Hi Connie. Thanks for the visit. You have a nice blog here. Good day.
john: Hi,I appreciate the comment re Dell. Interesting blog you have here - loads of links, I'll be back to cruise around it. Have a great day.
byotipol: hi connie come by to my blog and add ur blog to my linker automatically..see u there ok?
Niina: Hello Connie! Hope that all is fine! Interesting post on the 7th January. I follow the different campaigns for the president candidates! It is very interesting. Last time I even taped the different news, shows and informations! Well, I have tagged you, just follow the link in my name. Have a lovely day!
Heidi: Hi connie! thanks for dropping by. You have an interesting journal!
vanrijngo: Hi Connie, Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, and I'm proud to have you as a friend, and me on your friends lists also. Happy New Year, and the very best all through the coming year.Cheers!
Razor Family Farms: Hi Connie! Thank you for visiting the blog and leaving such a lovely note. You made my day! We're still working on the guinea house. More pictures soon! Be sure to check back! Thank you again! Love your blog!
Jon: Happy New Year!!
Niina: Happy New Year! May it be the best ever!
Garf: happy new year...
birdbits: Merry Christmas to you ! And big congrats on completion and your certification on the Web developement course!!!
Jon: May the spirit of Christmas be with you always and forever!! Merry Christmas Connie
Jonella Beauty: Hi,I am just blog hopping. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!
Melissa: Sweetness Check out mine! It's about ranting... LOL
Unni: Merry Christmas to you too Connie
Toni Rose: hi connie i'm starting to use my brave journal again. (exactly a year after) haha happy holidays (once again
Garf: Merry Christmas
Jon: Hope you had a good weekend!
Parisukat: Hi there Connie! You have a great blog! I added you to my list!
moni: Floyd thanks you for the good wishes. He received a few scratch-off lottery tickets and won $156.00, - I think he had 10 of them and the last three were winners. lol
moni: Hi Connie, best of luck with your classes. See you around.
Darlene: blog hopping. You have very interesting site. Have a blessed night~
Pablo Valle: Hi connie, let me put a new sign here in your tagboard...very nice site, beautiful and kind things inside...geetings and happy week!!
BIRDBITS: Happy Thanksgiving to you Connie!
Jon: hope you are enjoying your weekend!!
moni: Hi Connie, guess what? Next Saturday we will be colder than you with snow! It is 75F now. lol
Unni: Hi Connie - long time no see How are you? Just visiting my blogfriends - see you!
Andrew: A few weeks back you asked me what a yob is. A yob is a person who engages in antisocial behaviour. ("Chav" is simply a slang meaning the same thing)
moni: Happy Halloween Connie!
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Posted by Rachel Henderson:

Hey Connie! Thanks for your visit! You go girl. It's awesome to see someone else who knows of Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter. It depresses me to know that these two guys are the best candidates by far, and yet many will never hear of them. Ron Paul did the unheard of by raising 4 million dollars in one day!!!! NO ONE has ever done that much in one day. Yeah they have been ignored and snubbed. What a shame as I would vote for either one. They are both tough on illegal immigration. Ron Paul is even one who would fight for our rights to have our natural healing and supplements protected from the greed of big pharma and the FDA. They atnd for all the grassroots that most Americans want and need. Maybe things will change yet in their favor. God bless you Connie!!!!
Monday, January 28th 2008 @ 7:57 PM

Posted by birdbits:

well I think they should definately let Ron Paul run ... maybe they are scared of the competition:):-?

Connie, thankyou so much for your inspirational words and for submitting my journal!Woo Hoo- what an honor just to be considered :)You're kind words really means alot to me , THANKYOU so much... ...!!!
Monday, January 28th 2008 @ 8:56 AM

Posted by Beyond the Confines...:

Hi Connie!
I don't know how cold it is here in Omaha right now, but VERY!! Especially compared to the 50 degrees & warmer weather I just came home from in San Diego!
Thank you for your thoughts for my brother in law. Very sadly, he passed away on Sunday. The service was today in San Diego & hubby & I flew home right afterward. I flew out there on Wed when things were looking bad.
Anyway ... I'll be posting about him soon on my blog, after I catch up on some rest & laundry & lots of other things I've fallen behind on since being gone!
Take care! And keep warm
Friday, January 25th 2008 @ 1:56 AM

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