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Thursday, October 18th 2007

9:12 PM

Chickens ... ramblings on books ... MATC

July 10 - my journal was 3 years old and my web site was 5 years old.  I can't believe I missed noticing my anniversaries.

Maybe I'll eventually get 4 chickens.  One of the breeds that are friendly and lay eggs.   Does anyone have experience raising chickens?  Any favorite breeds?  Will it be too much of a mess?

Finished Candy Cane Murder tonight.  My library ordered it at my request and I have the first use of it.  They would have bought it anyway as they have all of Joanne Fluke's books.  This is a holiday special.  3 shorter novels by 3 authors - all having candy canes and a murder.  All same style as Joanne Fluke.  Always good to read about Hannah, Norm and Mike and relatives again.  Joanne's next book will be Carrot Cake Murder out next March.  Back to this book - the 2 other authors are Laura Levine (Jaine Austen series) and Leslie Meier (Lucy Stone series).  Both of these authors are new to me.   I enjoyed their candy cane stories and have This Pen for Hire and  Mistletoe Murder   on deck.   Also have the 5th Amelia Peabody book on deck - Deeds of the Disturber.

Reading the latest Isabel Dalhousie - The Careful Use of Compliments - author Alexander McCall Smith.  Starting off well.  Isabel has a baby now.  Oooh  - I just found something here: alexandermccallsmith.co.uk/Pages/ComingSoon.aspx

Oct of 2008 the next Dalhousie book.     
The World According to Bertie in the 44 Scotland Street Series -

May  2008   
AND  Hey Claire  -  March 2008  The Miracle of  Speedy Motors  !  Yah!  I hope Grace settles down.      

Reading Tijuana Bible by Ron Goulart, who wrote the 6 Groucho Marx mysteries I enjoyed so much.  This also moves along.

Finished a few Richard Jury books recently including a recorded book - The Blue Last.  Currently reading Rainbow's End.  The Old Silent was a favorite and  quite funny.

This is quarter end at MATC (Madison Area Technical College).  Finished 2 classes this week and will start 3 more next week and by end of year I'll have the Web Development Certificate.  8 - 1 credit classes.  Anyone in the world can take these courses as it's all online.  We communicate via a black board or bulletin board.  Seems the same core group is following through to end this semester.  Many are 40s, 50s and older.  Course list here:  matcmadison.edu/matc/ASP/showcurriculum.asp?ID=4187   and descriptions of the classes here: matcmadison.edu/matc/offerings/programs/pdfs/WebsiteDevCert.pdf   I highly recommend this program.  It will have taken me just 1 year to complete.  Also taking Advanced Photoshop starting in the quarter next week.  Photoshop is part of the Web Dev Cert, the Adv Photoshop is just something I'd like to learn more of - and same good teacher.  4.0 average so far.  These last 2 classes that ended this week are the only courses I've ever taken where I have the highest score possible throughout.  Yah !!!  One of the reasons my journal activity has slacked off.   

Jaine Austen
This Pen for Hire (2002)
2. Last Writes (2003)
3. Killer Blonde (2004)
4. Shoes to Die for (2005)
5. The PMS Murder (2006)
6. Death by Panty Hose (2007)


Lucy Stone
Mail Order Murder (1991)
     aka Mistletoe Murder
Tippy-Toe Murder (1994)
3. Trick or Treat Murder (1996)
4. Back to School Murder (1997)
5. Christmas Cookie Murder (1999)
6. Valentine Murder (1999)
7. Turkey Day Murder (2000)
8. Wedding Day Murder (2001)
9. Birthday Party Murder (2002)
10. Father's Day Murder (2003)
11. Star Spangled Murder (2004)
12. New Year's Eve Murder (2005)
13. Bake Sale Murder (2006)
14. St. Patrick's Day Murder (200

Martha Grimes series -   marthagrimes.com/html/catalog1.html

  1. The Man With A Load Of Mischief   1981
  2. The Old Fox Deceiv'd   1982
  3. The Anodyne Necklace   1983
  4. The Dirty Duck   1984
  5. Jerusalem Inn  1984
  6. Deer Leap   1985
  7. Help The Poor Struggler    1885
  8. I Am The Only Running Footman   1986
  9. The Five Bells and Bladebone   1987
  10. The Old Silent   1989                         one of my favorites
  11. The Old Contemptibles   1991
  12. The Case Has Altered   1993
  13. The Horse You Came In On   1996
  14. Rainbow's End   1995                      Currently reading
  15. The Stargazey  1998 
  16. The Lamorna Wink   1999
  17. The Blue Last   2001                      Listened to on tape
  18. The Grave Maurice   2002
  19. The Winds of Change   2004 
  20. The Old Wine Shades   2006
  21. Dust   2007

Amelia Peabody
Crocodile on the Sandbank (1975)
2. The Curse of the Pharaohs (1981)
3. The Mummy Case (1985)
4. Lion in the Valley (1986)
5. The Deeds of the Disturber (1988)
The Last Camel Died at Noon (1991)
The Snake, The Crocodile and the Dog (1992)
The Hippopotamus Pool (1996)
Seeing a Large Cat (1997)
The Ape Who Guards The Balance (1998)
The Falcon at the Portal (1999)
Thunder in the Sky (2000)
Lord of the Silent (2001)
The Golden One (2002)
Amelia Peabody's Egypt: A Compendium to Her Journals (2003) (with Kristen Whitbread)
Children of the Storm (2003)
Guardian of the Horizon (2003)
The Serpent on the Crown (2005)
Tomb of the Golden Bird (2006


Foxx: I hope you've been doing well. Enjoy your weekend!
moni: Wow Connie, it is COLD in your neighborhood today!
Andrew: A chav is a type of yob generally found in urban areas of England who engages in antisocial behaviour.
2 Comment(s).

Posted by Moni Smith:

Hi Connie, you have a very nice listing of books here. You know, years ago I had chickens. The Rhode Island Red gives good brown eggs. The Plymouth Rock and the White Wyandotte give nice white eggs and then I had a beautiful gold hen, don't really know her breed but I called her "goldie" and she knew her name. Get a catalog of laying hens. I love to hear hens chatting in their cages. :)
Sunday, October 21st 2007 @ 9:18 PM

Posted by Claire Andrews:

Thanks for the update! I really thought eight was going to be it - I'm so pleased there's another one on the way :)
Saturday, October 20th 2007 @ 5:41 AM

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